washed up.

just another
washed out,
crumpled up,
forgotten play by play.
simply used for entertainment
like five second flashes
of movie scenes from
past midnight flicks.
Do i still leave my
mark? Or am I just
another game lost?
You sore loser, haven't
you figured out how to
accept and move on?
obviously not.
but we're not the same anymore.
And I have.
So as i leave, i hope
you finally gain open eyes
to watch me drift away
like the waves we spent hours
watching that humid summer morning.
i hope the thoughts
come rushing back.
like me, jumping into your everlasting embrace.
like you, kissing me softly, blissfully.
but this time,
with pain.
I hope you feel what i felt:
wasted like a rainy day.
never to be thought of again.

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