The Drug

January 26, 2010
By , Franklin, TN
You want that drug the, one that desperately calls to you. You need that drug to function.
School is your haven, a safe place away from home. Your safe place is killing you slowly, you can’t get away.
Want you want is what you need, what you need is bringing you closer and prominently to death.
Your parents, sisters, and true friend tell you to stop, they love you so, but you shrug it off, “who needs them”, you say.
The only thing you aim to live for is the drug you desperately need, and desire.
You feel pointless, worthless, like a complete failure.
You can never dream of dating but in your eyes it doesn’t matter, the drug is your date.
You don’t really have good friends, but who needs friends when you have the drug, and you never feel like God can forgive you but then again why ask for forgiveness when you will just turn back to your old ways when its all said and done.
The drug owns you, it is your master, your heart and head have been claimed by it.
You are slowly dying all because the drug, your personal demon won’t stop terrorizing you. You’re not strong enough to say No, not that you want to. The drug is pulling you away from everything you once knew. Your fading away, the DRUG is the culprit.
And so you pick you the needle once again……

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ummduhirock said...
Feb. 8, 2010 at 3:33 pm
addiction is a strong thing. not necessarily with drugs and alcohol, but with personal items and even people. it's hard to just immediately stop once you're's tough. give them time...
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