January 26, 2010
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with her everyday
haunting her steps at every turn
never to go away
her skin starts to burn
still so much left for her to learn
Those piercing eyes are telling lies.

existing only in her dreams
beautiful cold as ice
surrounded by stifled dreams
conscious cut by a knife
where is the elixir of life?
Those violent eyes are telling lies.

curses stemming from a gift
present for so long
a burden not meant to lift
whispering a twisted song
always alone amidst the throng
Those changing eyes are telling lies.

falling into an evil pit
pray she makes it through
the lives of all depend on it
misfortune we never knew
and so much left for her to do
Those fading eyes are telling lies.

peace a thing she's never known
fighting her mind's will
no freedom to call her own
lost ability to feel
God, tell her that she'll heal
Those painted eyes are telling lies.

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