January 25, 2010
By Kelso BRONZE, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
Kelso BRONZE, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
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Love follows the air

As you walk through the weeds and the wind blows your
hair where you going is not a question that crosses
your mind

You can hear the sounds of a river and a voice

"Listen to the wind"

The voice calms you and startles you at the same time.

When you finally get to the river there is a man standing there waiting.

"But for who" you think to yourself.

"For you" the wind answers sending chills up your spine.

He sees you first and approaches.

"Be my everything" he says with his hand extended towards you.

You meet his gaze and stare into his eyes until he suggests.

"Walk with me"

You walk side by side, hands clasped tight.

The night falls around you.

"What is this" you think to yourself.

"Destiny" the wind answers by twisting the leaves into a circle around you, leaving you breathless and wanting his lips upon yours

The author's comments:
I had a dream that this happened. Became a good poem.

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