What I would tell you if I had the chance

January 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Your brown hair is
longing to be touched.
Your blue eyes
make me want you,
I love them so much.
Your originality
is fascinating.
You aren’t typical in any way.
Your voice so soft
and monotone,
I love everything you say.
The way you walk down the hall
it makes me want to smile.
I love it when you talk to me
and stay with me awhile.
I love it when
you touch me,
it makes my knees go weak.
I love how sensitive you can be,
I love the way you think.
You always try to
please everyone,
you just want to be liked.
And even though that can’t be done,
you always sure do try.
Your smile is so pretty,
it makes my eyes light up.
You get so shy and insecure
It’s so cute and easy to love.
The way you tried so hard to change
and what happened when you did.
Your such a gorgeous person,
and I think you should know it.

But with every single thing I love,
there’s three things that I hate.
And every day
I just can’t help
but wish that you would change.
When you let us come over,
but never meet your mom.
How you always make us leave so early.
We never do stay long.
Every night,
when we talk,
it’s always about you.
What I wouldn’t give to hear
“Hey there, how are you?”
You crave attention and when you get it
from the opposite sex,
you play and lead the poor girl on,
making her a mess.
Your selfish and needy,
your so conceited,
you think you do no wrong.
Your frustrating
and two faced,
your always to blame,
it’s been like this for
too long.
Your naive and gullible,
you have nothing to give
except your innocence.
And when the right girl
comes along,
you’ll give it up in a split second.
You don’t see those who
treat you right,
only those who don’t care.
Your friends,
they aren’t really friends at all.
There’s no trust
and they’re never there.
Your wasting away on what doesn’t matter,
When you could be so great.
I’m losing faith so quickly in you,
your creating your own bad fate.
Your clueless and desperate
for a taste of what you never had.
And now that your finally getting it,
you couldn’t be more glad.
It’s making you the person you hate,
who you never wanted to be.
I wish that you would
look at yourself,
and see what everyone else sees.

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