Haiti's Cry for Help

January 25, 2010
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Haiti's Cry for Help

The cry for help, the people who answered their yelp
A world of war and greed, but in time of need an answer with speed
United together under one goal, to help the world as a whole
Haiti's cry, and our reply
Showered with volunteers, all disagreement disappears
Protecting the human race, the emotion love is replaced
Millions of dollars donated, a teamwork created
To wipe the tear of a tragic event, end all torment, beginning the ascent
Rebuilding a nation in times of desperation with the dedication
Of a common goal, to help the world as a whole
With no monetary gain, simply to end the pain
Suffered by millions, with the motivation of billions
A text or a call, and you begin to install
The society they once had, before the quake, which made love awake
And jumpstarted the human race, to show our true face
As a world together, through all the bad weather
And all the war, when the economy hits the floor, we will not ignore
The love we perceive, with the aspiration to believe
That when we cry, everyone else will reply

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Smorgy1504 said...
Feb. 13, 2010 at 3:31 pm
reallly good it is really sad what happend to tht country they were in such rough shape before im so glad my church paid attention to this poor country before the wquake again really good
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