January 24, 2010
It's cold outside.
Bout 32.
The wind rushes through my soul, so swifly but everlasting.
I cry, but only one tear falls.
Then, the rain sets in.
The gray clouds above me, set the mood in my heart.
Cuz no longer do I feel like once was, when the cloudy days would set in, and
I was all but content.
I wonder, if he ever loved me?
Did he ever love she,her,him,them we?
Did he?
Was it all but just a terrible nightmare of a love defered?
Maybe not right for the place or time?
But maybe just right for the future?
Or was it just a dream.
A dream within a dream.
So serenly,I place you in my heart,and in my dreams, where eternity is me and you.
As I drift so sweetly onto this dream land.
The clouds turn from, everlasting sky blue to gray.
The ground starts to trimble from under our feet,and then the rain sets in.
The hard persistent rain, that hits my skin as if it hates me.
As I look at my love, with such sadness in is his eyes,he turns into nothing but gray ashes.
Letting go of my hand that holds him to me.
And At that moment,I lost grasp of my heart.
I could feel it disolving into nothing but emptyness.
But then from out of the rain,
I see Sky.
I see the everlasting blue
heavens approaching me.
Comforting me, warming me up in its warm embrace of the sun.

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DestinysAgent said...
May 15, 2010 at 7:36 am
I liked this, nice job!
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