True Beauty

January 13, 2010
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She had the kind of beauty the most people never get a chance to see

It wasn’t just her looks, but everything about her spelled true beauty

The problem was when she looked in the mirror she didn’t see what others saw

She couldn’t, wouldn’t and didn’t see it at all

Her hair fell down like golden rain

Right below her shoulders in fell on her perfect frame

Enclosed deep inside was her self-doubt

Happiness for her seemed to be an empty route

Eyes like the ocean you could fall into forever

Her fear you couldn’t see, not once, not ever

She saw joy and peace all around

But they only increased the size of her frown

Slender, but real her body curves with perfection

But she walks with no purpose or sense of direction

At times she wishes that should looked like anyone else

She wants to be anyone rather than be herself

When she smiles it’s like the whole world stands still

But it never happens; she has too many holes to fill

Someone along time ago told her she wasn’t good enough

She still believes them; they must have been rough

No one can change her mind not even a little

It doesn’t matter what they say; she is like a riddle

Her beauty remains but her passion is gone

She is like the lyrics to a sad love song

I pray every night that she’ll look for the light above

That is the only place that she will find true love

She has to be happy with herself before she can ever think to smile

Anyone who tells here otherwise is in complete denial

Her faith and her family are the only way that this can happen

Faith in God and being surrounded by love is true happiness’ patent

For she may be perfect for all we can see

But only God can see one’s true beauty

He loves us all the same but some never know

You have to look in places some are never willing to go

She wanted to see, but took a wrong path along the way

Further away she gets every day

But he remains by her side guiding her back

She just has to open her heart, while it still intact

For you can be more beautiful then all

But that just means you have further to fall

You have to love yourself and to do that you have to love him

And do his work even when the light may seem dim

For maybe it wasn’t her true beauty everyone saw

Maybe it wasn’t even her at all

For true beauty only belongs to one man

Maybe we just saw him guiding her with his hand

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