January 13, 2010
By torisaurusrex BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
torisaurusrex BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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Another sleepless night; another smoked pack, crumpled next to my feet; piles of clothes everywhere in the room; piles of music sheets all over. Infinity of mess and unfinished thoughts.

When you look to see
In the magazines
You don't know
Why they show
As much as they do
Unlike you
That act so bad
It's so sad
Only one
Has the drum
Of life in their soul
They never know
What people think
They don't eat - your defeat
Only once never twice
Listen to others advice
You and me weren't meant to look
Like the girls in books
Miss Hollywood
Never looked so good
That's what they say
Every day
You're dying to lose weight
Lying about what you ate
You want to look
Like Miss Hollywood
But what you don't know
Will never be told
Miss Hollywood
Really doesn't look that good
It's all a lie
Makes you wonder why
When you look to see
In the magazines
All you feel is jealousy

The author's comments:
The pressure to be thin and beautiful can be dangerous. Even actresses aren't happy with their thin frames, and are going to extremes to fix their pain. I wrote this, trying to explain that even though you may not feel your best - nobody does.

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