January 12, 2010
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Seems I can’t ever get back that which I lost that summer,
Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had gone to another,
School instead of being picked up by this fool,
Who had no idea what he was doing and in a way was so cruel,
Taken away a part of me and made me realize I’ll never again be a pack mule,
Cause while these kids had never played this before,
I had been outside my whole summer working my *** off til my feet went sore,
Till I couldn’t see straight anymore,
Runnin four to five miles a day, if not more,
Only saved myself about one or two hours a day in which I could stop my training and delay,
And all of that was gone to waste,
Cause this man decided when it comes to playingtime talent wasn’t the case,
He just preferred to split it up evenly that way we can all play,
A whole summers worth of work all thrown away,
All cause one man decided to stay and try to coordinate this fray,
In a way it still affects me today,
Unknowingly deciding not to put in effort in the fear that I won’t get my fair share,
Even with things in which I know I should care.

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