It's A Wish

January 12, 2010
By ProActivist BRONZE, Fisherville, Kentucky
ProActivist BRONZE, Fisherville, Kentucky
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It's in the depths of despair
Where I lay without breath
Crying for those I love
Crying for those I've lost

It's a miracle
The way I reacted
When you screamed and slapped
Frozen like a statue
Your face will forever remain in my mind
As it was on that day

It's worth more than a tear
The things I've done
The things I've witnessed
Yet what do I deserve?

It's a shame
This ended this way
But when space comes to space
But when screams comes to screams
A shattered mirror cannot be fixed

It's heartbreaking
To think of your feelings toward me
To think of your feelings toward the world
To realize that your world is dark and cold
While mine holds joy

It's no wonder
Why you destroy my joy
So I am as low as you are
Yet I stand tall
Because I love
And never hate

It's a wish
In my heart
That you will learn to love
Forget to hate
And live happily
Like me

The author's comments:
I wrote this my freshman year of high school when I had a conflict with a former friend. This reflects what I wished to happen after we'd stopped talking.

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