The Day

January 22, 2010
By , evnsville, IN
The day you walked away,
was the day you changed my life.
Believe it or not but im not the same.
I wake up and gotta tell myself your not here.
I end up in tears but no one cares.
I tell you I miss you but you say that's your fault.
Why did you have to walk away when I needed you the most?
It's not fair but life isn't fair.
The day you changed my life was the day..
I knew I wouldn't be the same.
I tell you im sorry and I didn't mean anything by it and you say..
I don't care if you did or not you lost me.
I tell you im crying and you say whatever.
And you say where's the girl I feel in love with?
And I say she's still her but scared too show her true feeling's.
He say's don't be. I say why? He say's because I love you forever.
I say really? He say's yes, I love you more than anything.
I say I love you more than you love me. And you smile.
And I smile. Thing's seem perfect then we end up arguing over something stupid.
Then finally I loose you for good. And it change's my life. I cry every night now.
Im just not the same anymore the day you walked out of my life was the day...
I knew I would never be the same. I need you still till this day but I know I will never get you back.
And once I relieze it that day was the day I was ready for things to stop. Im never going to be the same.
That day was the day you changed my life competely. The day, the day, the day. Why?

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iloveyoubutimsorry said...
Mar. 19, 2010 at 8:50 pm
it helped me understand why so many have been heartbroken and how hard it is too get over it. its not so easy when it happens too you. i mean you feel like you cant go on but deep down inside you know you cant but you dont choose too
laurenmichelle2013 said...
Feb. 1, 2010 at 8:22 am
i really liked this poem. its really god. and easy too underdstand. i enjoyed reading it.
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