my dear friend

January 22, 2010
By , omaha, NE
You been in pain your whole life
You seem to never get a brake
All you want is someone to love you
You may think ending you life will solve everything
But in reality it wont
All its doing for you is running away from your problems
You say your parents want you out
You been traumatized and you are sick of it
You think you might lose me but you wont
You just have to give me time
You want to be free of all the heart break and pain
But doesn’t everyone
You had a lot of bad stuff happen to you and you don’t know what to do
You never think about the good
You are my friend and I am yours
Isn’t that good
When you say you want to end your life, do you know what that does to me
I want to cry every time you say that
Cause it feels like I am not worth it for you
You say you love me
You say you want to spend the rest of your life with me
But you say your life sucks
I try to tell you it will get better but you don’t believe me
All you want is to be free
Then go and be free
Get away from all the pain
Just please don’t kill your self
Cause I need you in my life
You just don’t see yet.

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