Golf is not just for old people

January 22, 2010
Golf is NOT just for old people.
Because when you are old, and can't move too well
But you still want to be active.
You will choose
Golf is a sport that doesn't require too much movement sometimes.
You still have to take your bag and sling it on your back
And walk all 9 or 18 or 27 or 36 holes.
Up and down the hills
In the cold
Prepared no matter what condition faces you of
See, when you get old
You will want to be a good golfer
So you can beat all your old buddies
Because the ones who took advantage of golfing
To groove their swing will have the advantage
Some people might want to take a mulligan in their lives
To learn to play golf
FORE!!! You always have to be ready,
See? If you were old, you might not have heard that!
Now, everyone likes to play football, basketball, track, or baseball
But when you get old
You will golf because it's easier on your body, plus it is fun
Most people will never know the feeling
Of stepping on to a tee box at a beautiful course
On a cool summer morning with the sun peaking through the fog
Out on the links just you and your dad
Teeing off onto the fairway as the dew still sets
Experiencing that moment is just awesome.
No one will know the feeling
Of catching the perfect strike on the ball
And having it go so far!
Like it might not come down from the sky
Or sinking a long putt to beat your partner
In golf, you just have to turn your shoulders
Swing your arms
With the ultimate goal to hit the ball far AND straight
That's the problem with golf
Far AND straight
Striving to earn pars and birdies
To make the scorecard as low as possible
And hit your ball 300 yards
With no slice or hook
But golf is not just for old people
Because once you get old
You will only experience these things
After it may be too late to fully enjoy it
After all
You could have been experiencing golf since you were young
Because golf is NOT just for old people

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