Only Lust Who You Trust

January 21, 2010
Trusting someone is perhaps the most dangerous thing we do
You can’t always know that what they say is true
It’s a risk we all take
And it’s one we have to make
Relationships are built around trust
There might be someone that you lust
But if there’s no trust you’ll have to always have your guard up
Since you don’t know if they’ll be faithful or screw up
They might tell people what you’ve asked them not to say
Or they might sneak off with someone else every other day
Nobody’s perfect, of course we make mistakes
So we give them more chances – but eventually it’s too much to take
You can only hear so many lies
Only be cheated on by so many guys
Sometimes you gotta let go
And move on to someone else now that you know
Of course it’s hard to do
But there’s someone better for you
Someone who won’t hurt you
Someone to give all your trust to

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