January 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Like newly fallen snow blanketing the ground
A nice look
A soft sound if the bird singing in the morning
A peaceful sound
The way the current moves over the paper flat rocks
That’s the way your body moves to the rhythm when we dance

The single rose blooming in the field of sunflowers
A nice look
The ping of the kitchen timer
A peaceful sound
The shimmering reflection of the moon in a roadside puddle
That’s the way you look when we cuddle

The rush of the water onto the summer beach
A nice look
The windchimes playing a soft wooden song
A peaceful sound
The graceful way the fingers glide over the guitar strings
That’s the way your voice sounds when you sing me to sleep

The sun glistening through the stain glass window of the cathedral
A nice look
The sweet melody of the dings and clicks of the typewriter
A peaceful sound
The enchanted world where faires are flying with dust on their wings
That is where I disappear to when you kiss me

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