Wisdom no human nature will apprehend

January 23, 2010
Your elegance is something that no one will ever understand.

you a star but never shine during the night. Only the day when no one can see you.

That very heavy heart of yours being me down. The wind blows that brown hair in those stunning eyes in which they tell such stories. You walk through the rain with your T-shirt on. And those bright blue pants which you hold dear to. I have never seen you before no one can identify something so contrasting as you. You make some cry and others content.

You make people anew and others go down. No one can interpret you. No you don’t mind you look the other way. And walk down your road. You want people to not comprehend what your actions and thoughts are on such matters. But to know the way you have lived and will live your life. Is always in tranquility.

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