Love Lost

January 16, 2010
By , Southampton, United Kingdom
I love the sky, with all its
clouds, with all its stars,
its sun, its moon.
I love rain, it's crystal
tears brushing, tearing at
my skin.
I love the snow, its millions
of shards gently working
together to stifle colours.
I love the mist, its cloudy
wisps masking the world,
just out of reach.

I love nature, with its summer,
its winter, its spring,
its autumn, its endless.
I love the trees, the leaves
reaching for the sky, all
their lives, only to fall on a
windy day.
I love the air, the invisible
source of life, our saviour,
our greatest treasure.
I love the mountains, the
pinnacles we greedily claim
but never really own.
I love the earth, its movements,
its growth, its serene life
of just to live.

I love noise, the bustlings
of society with the oblivious
birds, singing, calling.
I love silence, the hours of
dreamless sleep, the time
of just savouring everything,

I love my friends, my
family, my lover.

But can it really be true
to say, that to love and to
lose is better than to have
never loved at all?

Now that I'm locked away
with nothing, nothing
in this hell hole.

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