The Warrior’s Beauty

January 16, 2010
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She is the school’s Aphrodite
and is a warrior of Sparta
but her past haunts her.

when I look at her in the mirror
I see her beautiful features
that goes wrong in anger
turning that girl into a warrior
then back to a goddess
I feel sick.

she can laugh her bubbly laugh
she can flick her golden hair back
and sways her hips
she can smile enticingly, luring you in.
she can flash her white teeth
and out shine everyone.
but she can’t get away.

but I am the only one who knows
her true beauty is wasted
because she is the warrior
and her scars cut into her forever
they mock her every move
and laughs when she falls
and no matter how hard she tries to let go
the past is written right on her skin.
but I am the only one that will ever know
because I am the school’s Aphrodite.

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