January 20, 2010
By fadingfast924 BRONZE, Pratt, Kansas
fadingfast924 BRONZE, Pratt, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
"Your life is an Occasion, rise to it." Mr. Magorium.

Today, I faded away.

I faded away into the December bleakness.
I wanted to come back to tell you goodbye,
and to kiss you on the hand,
but the wind caught me before I could.
I wanted to say that I loved you,
and that I’d be back when the summer bloomed again.
I wanted to lie next to you forever,
in the reeds of the lake,
and to tell endless stories.

Stories, of rivers filled with wine,
singing birds in the trees,
and crickets chirping in the chorus of the summer.

But the rivers froze,
the birds flew away,
and the crickets died.
Like the grass turning brown, I die too.

The warm months went by too quickly,
and we ran out of hours,
that seemed like an endless supply.
I want to hold you close,
to hear your lovely voice again,
and to smell your intoxicating breath.
Everything, though, must meet its

So today,
the wind swept me into its arms and took me away.

When the birds come back,
the rivers uncover their mighty power,
and the crickets give way to new life --

I’ll be with you.

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