Flavours Of Life

January 20, 2010
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Salt you lick from your fingers after eating fish and chips.
Salt thats lies in rocks on the beach.
Salt you put in the pot full of rice.

Vanilla ice-cream slowly dripping down your hand.
Vanilla candles in the aromotherapy shop where you had your first job.
Vanilla coke lipgloss means tastier lips.

Sour spray that accidently got on your nose.
Sour lemons that you picked for your morning crepes.
Sourpuss, what you were called at lunch break.

Ginger hair your best friends hates.
Gingerbread house wasn't meant to break!
Ginger, damn cat that ran onto the road.

Sweet, your mate said your car was when he jumped in that night.
Sweet, scents of alcohol and scars now mark that tree.
Sweet were the roses that you took on the anniversary.

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