True Love

January 19, 2010
By , Kennesaw, GA
True love is when you see his face
When everything blurs together
And you only see him
Standing across the room

True love is when you dance with him
Even though you can barley keep rhythm
You dance the night away
In the comfort of his arms

True love is when your married
And tears are spilling down your cheeks
Painting a wonderful picture of emotions
All devoted to him

True love is when you see the face of your child
And she smiles up at you
A face so beautiful and perfect
You are lost for words

True loves is when times are rough
He still finds time to tell you he loves you
And he hold you at night
And lets you cry in his arms

True love is when he is stressed
And all his nerves are close to the edge
And you get upset
And he puts down what he is doing and comforts you

True love is when you can go to him for anything
Make-up messed up
World falling apart
And he still thinks you are wonderful

True love is that special someone
That light at the end of the tunnel
The sun in your universe
True love is raw love.

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