Growing Up

January 18, 2010
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Growing Up

There comes a point in life where things get harder,
Well more of,
You realize what the real world is like,
Or what it has always been,
You eyes uncovered from your naïve shelter.

You find that the ones you love,
Don’t always love you back,
They don’t give you the unconditional love you receive when you’re little,
Just because,
They don’t have to.

You find out that the sharing rule you learned in kindergarten,
Doesn’t apply to some people.
They either take,
Or refuse to give.

You find that you have “friends”,
Who Put on a wonderfully awful two-faced façade,
Of caring about you,
And backstabbing others.
This leaves the choice of keeping them,
Or discarding them,
like waking up from a dream that’s turned into a nightmare.

You realize that as much as you wanted to before,
you don’t want to grow up,
and as much as you wanted all those choices,
you really don’t want them anymore.

There’s a point,
Where you’re mature enough to come to terms with death,
Its permanence,
Its heart aching pain,
And the fact that there’s nothing you can do to control it.
Sometimes, it’s too much to bear,
This is where you uncover your faith.

It is here is when you need to see,
How beautiful each moment of life can be.
Life isn’t a walk in the park,
There will be lots of rainy days,
But learning to dance in them,
That’s what makes life worthwhile.
Learn to love life the way it is,
Even if it’s not what you thought it was going to be,
When you grow up.

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