January 18, 2010
Words flying high across the sky on wings of the flightless birds while you sleep silently in the underground we call madness. The tear stained pillow with all you reckless thoughts strun across the page until the word make sense, and your feelings are in check with the world. You couldn’t stand the fact that you were almost happy, you had to plunge into the darkness because the light and fresh air stung your eyes and burned your lungs. Where has the happiness gone to? Is it with that boy, or did you leave it with that group of friends? Have they stolen it from you or have you simply lost your way again? You can’t help yourself, you want take in those deep breathes of that toxic air. You breathe it in for you so long, its so addicting. And as you sit there wanting your darkness, you think of slipping back into old habits; un-noticed, and you’re gone.

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