A Little Hope

January 4, 2010
By candiegurl381 BRONZE, Green Lane, Pennsylvania
candiegurl381 BRONZE, Green Lane, Pennsylvania
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Those who mind, don't matter, and those who matter, don't mind.
~Dr. Seuss.

I look around me and see nothing but darkness
Light seemed to be defeated
The presence of my sin wraps around my body
Strangling me
Depriving my body of any light
The end was near
I was losing hope
This would become my life
I was trapped in my sins
My hopes had been faint,
But they had still existed
That was all it took

The light came
The darkness had not known that the light was capable of having such power
The power to defeat
I first saw it then
The smallest beam of light
That was all it took

I was gaining hope
The light was starting to fill a greater amount of space than the darkness
I had been released from my chains
All that had been holding me down
Was now overcome by the presence of the light

And all it took
Was a little hope

The author's comments:
Sin. I had been trapped by it's presence before. It ruined trust that had been built. It destroyed the good life I had been living. I felt trapped. I needed to hope. Hope that one day, that would be just enough to help my conscience be cleared. And it happened. I found the light, and it overcame the darkness and despair and sin around me. I wrote this to let others know that they're not alone. Everyone has secrets or sins. But you can't give up hope. You can't give up on light. In the end, it WILL overcome the darkness.

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