The Miracle of Life

January 4, 2010
By Anonymous

A flower is God’s most beautiful creation
It gives people across the world a joyful sensation
It’s not easy to make something so stunning
It requires enough work to send someone running
Simply start with a single seed
Plant it somewhere there isn’t a weed
Water it daily and watch it close
You’ll want to make sure it gets its proper dose
Soon enough it’ll start to grow
It will make you want to plant a whole row
The flower will smile from ear to ear
Every morning it wakes up to a world so pure and clear
Day by day the sun will work its magic
It’s the one occasion rain wont seem so tragic
You will get to experience the wonderful transformation
Going from seed to flower calls for celebration
The flower was a model as it stood in perfect splendor
The flower was a baby’s touch as it was nice and tender
When the flower is in full bloom
Your yard will be forever be rid of gloom
You will experience beauty at its best
It will be just enough to give your garden some zest
A flower is as beautiful as a child in her Sunday best
A flower is as welcoming as a baby bird in its nest
When the snow begins to fall
The only flowers you’ll see are at the mall
Like most great things, they will start to fade
Eliminating all the beauty you’ve made
However there’s one thing to always remember
Beauty lies elsewhere in the middle of December
Just look forward to next year
Planting new flowers is very near

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