January 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Hands yanking my sleeves further down my arms
Over my fingers
Curling lightly into a fist
As the soft cloth brushes against my raw flesh
It makes me wince in pain
Wanting more than anything to roll up my sleeves
To reveal the torture
Show everyone the reason for my lack of social being
Yet i know i can't show anyone
I know it would be the stupidest thing i've ever done
Pushing further to the wall
Push further away from the small group of friends i have
Wearing baggy jeans so as not to rub against my skin
A super large hoodie for mostly the same reason
No matter the weather
That is my etire
Everyone in the halls notice
They point and whisper
Not in the funny haha kind of way
More in the pathetic and sympathetic kind of way
Shing even farther away from them
I can't carry books
Carrying them makes every part of my body scream in agony
Dying in the middle of class because i find a tiny bit of relief
I would actuallly start crying
Of course that made it worse
The evidence of my pain and torture was plain on my face
On my neck
People know some of my situation
But never the whole
They see the evidence i can't hide and that's it
They don't know the full extent to the damage
How i'm scared
How there is no place upon my body
That's not scared from a cut or burn
How he nearly flayed my entire arms, legs and stomach
I know if i ever tried to tell the truth again
It would get worse if it's even possible to get worse
Remembering the one time i actually tried to tell someone
He told everyone i had to have major surgery
That i would be gone for a month or two
That's how sever the injuries were
As i got older
i became stronger
Unfortunately, so did he
Stronger and more aggressive
More creative with punishments
And beatings
The number of times I had to take a life
A small innocent child
Never to know life
How many nights i've stayed up
Crying and plotting
Raging and despising
Knowing that it doesn't matter
That i can't escape
This is my fate

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Mayim12 BRONZE said...
on Jan. 29 2011 at 7:38 pm
Mayim12 BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
4 articles 0 photos 40 comments
Great Job! This poem was so emotional. Just remember to capitalize some of your I's next time.


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