Just like any other day but Gone

January 15, 2010
By Keighla0018 SILVER, Kalispell, Montana
Keighla0018 SILVER, Kalispell, Montana
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I woke that day and just like any day I looked at the clock 5:30 a.m. I have 30 minutes to get ready and then I have to walk to my moms for a ride to school

just like any other day I get to school early and hang out with my friends and boyfriend until the bell rings

just like any other day my first class is boring and my second class is no better now to math i go walking with my friends not knowing what the rest of my day will bring my fourth period class even longer and more than boring...dreadful fifth period everything started out like every other day

until halfway through the class i got a note telling me to grab what i needed from my locker and then to go to the office

my mom was standing there with an odd look on her face she looks at me and asks 'are you ready? do you have everything from your locker?' not knowing what was going on i said i had everything and she told i was going for a vacation for a week

knowing my parents would never just take out of school half way through the day i started to panick i knew something had happened i just could'nt figure out what it was

we were just about to my dads when i occured to me that my grandma hadnt been doing well and that she was even worse the last time i saw her

as soon as i walk into the room my dad looks at and says 'grandma kathy passed away sometime this morning i got the roght after you left to your moms and ive been trying to figure out how to tell you' as he said it i droped my stuff and if he wouldnt have haad a hold of me i woul have fell to my knees

i was crying so hard that i couldnt breath while the whole time i was denying it thinking to myself that it was just a joke and she couldnt really be gone

at the service watching my dad talk in front of all those people and not getting through the first sentence before he started to cry

my cousins sitting beside me ones i hadnt seen in years hugging me and crying just as hard as i was and the whole time i was trying to convince myself that was wasnt gone

talking to my cousin and laughing with her about the days we used to get to play with grandmas frog colection and getting to pick one out to keep and still thinking she couldnt really be gone

and that same night i realized just how close i had been with my grandma i knew her best saw her most and now i miss her more than anything

i still dont want to believe that a day starting like any other day ened with nothing but tears and sadness

started just like any other day but now shes gone

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