Away We Go

January 14, 2010
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I always wanted to run away
On a grand adventure.
I always believed I wasn’t supposed to…

Live this life

Be with these people

Fuel this plan

I have always been surrounded

By people who don’t understand,

The inner mechanics of my mind.

I never was one of “those girls”

You know the ones who dream, live, hope, and breath

A future of harmonious love with little gifts from above,
I always knew that I would have to be the shining light in my own life

I would be a star

I never needed someone else to set my flame a blaze

I never questioned my presence

I was constantly consumed with guilt,

Always being blamed or accused of being selfish
But when I look around at all of those who judge me…

I see them for who they really are.

I see that while they point the finger at me,

They are the ones to blame

For all those that cast a stone on me,

Are no better than me….
I find myself in my dreams

Setting my emotions free and demanding change
The critics are like pariah whom surround my feet
I usually let them turn into leeches always sucking life from my body

Leaving me with no air

No air to refute their stone words that cause me agonizing grief.
But today I refuse

Refuse to suffocate from their malicious slander

I will lie down with dogs no more.

My name will be restored,

My honor, my pride, my dignity will depart from me no longer
I shall not bite my tongue

Because the marks have formed cuts oozing blood

That becomes a river separating

Me from my tranquility leaving me drowning in my inequity

But today I will float on the wings of my protector

I will glide through the skies

I will forge my new beginnings

I soar through the tunnel of life till I reach…
The illuminated light that shines through the luminous night.

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