The Last Second Chance

January 14, 2010
By kimmybabii15 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
kimmybabii15 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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You are always on my mind,
No matter the time of day.
You never hurt me;
You wouldn’t dare.

Everyday I’m with you,
My feelings become stronger.
Just promise me one thing:
Never leave me.

Your brown hair,
Chocolate eyes,
Seem so irresistible.
Can’t get enough of you.

Heart pulsating quicker,
Hands quaking,
Simply from your stare.
It’s love.

Scent of your skin,
Stays on me forever.
You saved me,
When everyone else walked out.

I heard about you and her.
Didn’t want to believe it.
But I saw the evidence.
Every word you spoke was a lie.

One year later I get a text.
It’s you,
DO you believe in second chances?
I couldn’t believe it.

Didn’t want to take you back,
Said I was making a mistake.
Should have listened to my head,
Instead of my heart.

I was falling for your spells,
Thought I learned the first time.
You have an effect on me,
I must learn to let go.

You said you cared about me,
It sure doesn’t seem like it now.
I gave you my all,
Just to see it torn down before my eyes.

You caused two heartbreaks,
Too many tears fallen.
But I’ve learned my lesson,
Once a cheater, always a cheater.

And when you forget her,
Don’t you dare remember me.
You lost the trust that I gave you.
That’s the last chance I’ll give in.

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