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The Light

January 13, 2010
By jerryuofm BRONZE, Lake Orion, Michigan
jerryuofm BRONZE, Lake Orion, Michigan
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From Heaven his light shinned down beauty onto the land
It's in the trees, the rivers, and every grain of sand
The blind cannot see for they do not look
He gave us true life when his life was took
Most sleep for years never to be woken
I know in this, his heart is broken
But for those who can see his light shine down
It makes him happy, decreases his frown
My slumber is over, there's work to be done
His message was received, any many more are to come
I may falter, but I will not fall anymore
For he is the one I truly love and adore
I hid in fear for years on end
To be happy is what I had to pretend
Time was wasted, but I am blessed with much more
To deny him might be easy, and have some allure
For these are the lies of the enemy and the mentally weak
These can clog the ears and cause many not to hear him speak
But those who listen can fight these evils with a blade ever so strong
And kill away all those who truly don't belong
I will fight with this army till the end of eternity
And we will win, for this I know with Perfect certainty
So ask yourself can you see the beauty when you look around?
Or are you just waiting to be put in the ground?
It's never too late, for I am a living example
All those who believe can enter his temple
Just look up to him and inside your heart
He never leaves you, you are never apart
Just make the choice and do it right now
You don't have to worry, he will show you how
The light has hit me and is looking for you
And I can finally see a beauty that is ever so true

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