January 17, 2010
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If only you knew...
If only you realized...
If only you noticed...

All of my efforts
All of my talents
All of me
pure and simple

Yet you look at me as if i were
a curse
a monster
a disease

You all of you
Walk right on by
Look straight ahead
And pretend you dont see

I can do that too.
Pretend you're not hurting me
Pretend i'm not alone in the end
Pretend its all a bad dream.

Yes i'll make it
I'll pull through
But is it worth it?
If i only knew...

So here is me

And if you only took the time
To stop and sit awhile
You'd learn i'm not just any girl
Theres more beneath the smile

There is a heart
With a song to sing
Listen and you'll hear
How my light is fading steadily
With each passing year

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