please come back

January 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Your not here and i dont know what happened.
IF your dead or alive i shall not know, This is real low mommy, i dont know where you are, or If you saw i called maybe you would check in with me, But im alone.
In an old abandoned house i shall sit and wait, for hope to rescue me. But at this rate i already know my hope is gone. My mommy is gone and i miss her ever so much.
She was always there to wipe away my tears.
mommy is the one who taught me to tie my shoes,
and even take my first steps.
I miss you mommy please come back.
Daddy said you left the family,
Id ont know what that means, But i thought you loved us dearly,
You always said that sincerely.
Maybe it was a lie,
If so daddy was always right.
but Dadyy dissapeared too.
So im all alone.
And i keep hoping mommy or dady will come rescue me.
But now im always in a place called home,
With no roof, or blankets,
Im scared,
I feel like im taking my first steps again.
Except this time im not a baby,
and i dont have anyone to pick me up when i fall.
Im trying to learn except i dont have anyone to help me when i have trouble.
Please mommy. please come back.

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