The Hidden Thought Of Pets

January 17, 2010
some find friends in others
some find it in them selfs
and then there are those who find it in a companion like no other
one that will stay by u in the night
ones that will make u smile on the days were all u wish to do is cry
they are pets but some call them friends or even family
we are to love them and to care for them
as they do for us
but to there beautiful dream a nightmare occures
some are hit or tried to be mean
some are taken and made into something they were not ment to be
some are beatin and some may feel the rath or there masters anger
we see them on tv
we hear about them on the news
and in the paper
but what do we do
why yes there are those who will save them
but if those who commited such a crime would look inside there hearts
no longer would these poor animals feel pain
are we not just like them
are we not the same
do we not bleed red just as they do
we may feel surpior but it is them who are
they no the meaning of loyalty or honnor
thou we are the better speices
i think not
we are the ones who kill for no reason
who do the wrong and those who fall into that of which is temtation
its sad it truely is not what we call that of which should be done

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