Starry Night

January 15, 2010
The wind is gushing all around me
A small whisper in my ear
As I look up to see the big balls of fire
The faint little speckles from where I am
Like freckles on the face of a child
I lie in the grass
With only a blanket
By his side
Tickling, talking
Laughing, loving
Watching the stars shoot across the sky
Wishing, hoping
The moon lights the field
Of tall green grass around us
Like our soldiers protecting us from the world
He makes me smile and laugh
Quiet giggles are carried in the wind
Towards the town
Where the priest preaches in the church
The many Bible stories
To the guilty people
Where the children run breathlessly
As they play outside
Where the families laugh
As they share their stories at the dinner table
With the ones that matter most
I close my eyes
Breathe hard
And hope that it will never end

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