January 14, 2010
By Logan BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Logan BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I kiss your soft smooth head, finding the familiar grooves where our head rest together
You slowly breath in and out
Your once obese body is now merely bones
Just last week everything was fine
They said you were dying, but they said there was hope
Hope is almost to good to be true
The car ride was longest ride of my life
While looking out the window I noticed a sprouting tree, thinking to myself it will never survive the winter
Were pulling up into the driveway, fear strikes my stomach
where will you go?
will you feel better?
This is the last time I will hold you in an embrace
The last time, I will smell your familiar smell
They inject the poison deep into your skin
your head slowly droops, and you are gone.
Later, I think back to that one sprouting tree
It reminds me of you, things die, but regrow again

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