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January 4, 2010
Give Me a Poem
That won’t leave my body like a scar
That hurts like a child having her scrape purged
with rubbing alcohol
That plays the second half with a broken ankle
That gets five o’clock shadow at noon

That’s honest

That did more than touch MC Hammer—
kicked his a** and stole his pants
That knows the time to rhyme

That lies

That crowds the plate
That feels like a punch in the bridge of the nose
That base jumps with a bed sheet
That drinks Busch with breakfast
That can believe it’s not butter,
but uses real butter instead
That upsets number one seed
That respects everyone,
but fears no one
That engages, excites, engulfs, and infuriates

Give me a poem that hits a nerve,
not the bottom of a trash can

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