one day

January 3, 2010
By Anonymous

I will one day become someone you would want to be
I will one day make you wish you had met me
I will one day make you regret treating me like s***
On that one day I'll treat you with the same
repect and dignity you showed me
On that one day you'll realize what you had done
torn the soul of an innocent, and fill it with hate
On that one day you will feel what I felt
see what I saw
Go through what I went through
You will one day curl up within yourself
You will one day cry out for help
You will one day give up and let go
And someday I'll look down upon you
And you'll look up to me
Some day you'll realize the hurt you caused
Some day I wont help you
Some day I'll let rot
Today I know
That one day is just my imagination

The author's comments:
It's not that good,
but I hope you like it.
I was mad that day so I wrote this

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