"Poison Apples"

January 3, 2010
By DisenchantedDancer111 SILVER, Deville, Louisiana
DisenchantedDancer111 SILVER, Deville, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
"It is captivating the way the stars still shine... Even when they are surrounded by overwhelming darkness"

Eyes averted; distant as the piercing blue sea-
Everything that I know to be tranquil
Erupts like a volatile storm... and I wonder why.

All the feelings I’m trying to ignore
Break like a crashing hurricane to the forefront of my mind.

Fueling inspiration absentmindedly,
At the most unlikely of times.

So what if my heart dances at the mere sight of you,
You ignore such joy,
In the same way you are oblivious to my pain.

I’ve never been afraid of a silhouette before-
But your shadow frightens me…
A cold and overwhelming love.

So what if I’m foolish for letting the emotionless plight consume me,
It’s an involuntary adoration
And I’m too far gone.

Still waiting on paperwork
But the words never come-
And your frown never fades.

The sweet moments capture me,
So the bitter I do not taste.

Perfection is unobtainable.
That I already knew,
But I couldn’t possibly predict
How much it would hurt to love you.

I feel like I’m too attached
Too dependent
Too distracted.

A random person and a bridge falling down-
Story of my life.

And the people act like lions
Preying on poor unfortunate souls,
Teaching us the lessons we don’t want to learn.

So I embrace an inevitable goodbye.
Fallen victim to farewell’s impeccable timing.

“No hope for today and none left for tomorrow”
But it’s not like things will change. Would change. Could change.

But just the thought of your absence
Is the most torturous moment.

Fallen victim to an inevitable farewell.

Circling like vultures- a million strangers’ lives intertwine.
Just for a second, a day, a week, a month, or a year.
But all things come to an end eventually.

Maybe I am anti-social
But so are you- so we bring out the best in each other, right?

I never want to let you go-
But destiny beckons in different directions,
And I have to sacrifice my selfish desires and move on.

Have to live broken and bruised,
A devastating whole tragedy depicting
The hole in my heart.

Stubborn dreams come true-
Instead of decaying like nightmares should.

Capture the fleeting moment,
Impossible to forget the past.

Love never dies.
That’s the problem.

You leave,
And the legacy lives on.

The penetrating silence lingers where
No words lie.

Letting negativity corrode my voice,
No longer able to conceal
The amount of saline I’m drowning in.
What good could come out of any of this?
When you lose a friend…

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