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January 3, 2010
By briathecon BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
briathecon BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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Fast, fast, and dead, dead,
It's finally setting in, I'm just too stubborn
I thought I'd kiss you again
I keep thinking this can't be real
But it's dying with every letter pressed
Two years and it might as well end here
'Cause my heart is literally bleeding out
You say you
can't lose me but you won't have me
I can't even say anything, it's all too much for you
Trying not to shed, my skin feels like it's coming off
And my bones are chipping
I've slipped just out of reach
But if anything, I want you to be happy
You the catalyst, you the butterflies
You, who made so much of my happiness
It's finally setting in
It came fast, fast and now it's dead, dead.

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