Movie Night Mistake

January 3, 2010
By Brianna Indovina BRONZE, Chalmette, Louisiana
Brianna Indovina BRONZE, Chalmette, Louisiana
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Tears streaming down my face.
I shoulda never opened up that case,
I let people know how I felt.
Under pressure I always melt.
My heart is dead,
I wish I could gp thru last night again.
There never should have been an invite,
For someone that trashed my night.
That girl got a piece of your heart,
And it broke mine from the start.
Everbody says we're thru.
I wish you wouldn't have said it too.
I stay up late at night.
Because I can't sleep knowing that you might-
Just be hers.

The author's comments:
I had a movie night at my house with an ex boyfriend & my bestfriend. I was planning on getting back with him that night. My bestfriend knew it! She planned how it was going to happen. And instead of me & him getting together, they got together! I was sooo hurt & felt betrayed by my bestfriend.

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