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Just Friends

January 1, 2010
By MintyFresh GOLD, Auburn, Indiana
MintyFresh GOLD, Auburn, Indiana
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I so badly want to tell you how I feel
For I’ve tried to get over it but these feelings are real
But I am afraid for what you will do
Will you feel the same way to?
Or will you run away?
Now knowing I can’t keep my feelings at bay
Will you try to hide?
Will you see that I cried?
For you and everything that we could be
Will you love me?
This is why I don’t tell you how I am feeling
I don’t want to know what would happen to my heart that you’re steeling
I am afraid for what will become of me and you
I don’t want to lose you to
So for now you will not know how I feel
For my feelings are way to real
And I will not come on to fast
For I want our love to last

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