rising with the sun

January 1, 2010
By mockingbirdsong GOLD, Russellville, Alabama
mockingbirdsong GOLD, Russellville, Alabama
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No judging, just loving.

wind chimes ring,i sit and listen.The mornings light careses my face,i feel the warth all through my body. the wind chimes still ring from the gentle breeze that blows,making a sweet song with no words.i never thought the world could be so peaceful for such a time,but when i rise with the sun nothing could be more peaceful,nothing could be so quiet and calming.i know a moment like this does not last forever,so i take in as much as it holds and know if i am to rise with the mornings light i shall have this peace once more.Wind chimes ring no more and i know the moment has passed,but come again will,for that peace i do longeth.

The author's comments:
we can all have this experience if we take the time to slow down and notice the little things in life, like that little peace you can experience when you rise with the sun or just escape to that secret place and if you don't have a secret place,search on the inside,let your soul lead you down that path of peace,where it's just you and that peace.listen and you will have that peace that you longeth for,believe.

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