The Stages of Heroism

January 1, 2010
First, he starts to shimmer,
the goodness of his heart glowing,
pouring out through his skin a shinning silver,
shimmering in the darkness,
bringing light to the world.
But then, his fame grows,
good deeds no longer in the name of passion,
of love,
but for the attention.
He sparkles under the flashbulbs of cameras,
and the glow of neon lights,
golden in the sparkling ugliness of florescent lights.
And as his fame grows greater,
they see past his charade of a beautiful,
red heart,
to a core blackened by greed and lies.
So he fades from the newspapers,
their hearts,
and minds,
as only a small, unfortunate crumble of their beloved hero,
now no greater than anyone else.
And so, like all of us,
into dust he shall return.

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