The Truth Postulate

January 9, 2010
By FolkLore BRONZE, North Syracuse, New York
FolkLore BRONZE, North Syracuse, New York
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Shadows! So many shadows, filled with smoke and poison! Half truths locked into your mind. You hypocrite, you liar! You self-satisfying murderer of truth! You judge with all the mercy of cold, ignorant stars. If you speak for Heaven, then Hell is a better paradise!
Defend your idiocy, it being all you have. I do not fear you. You have always been afraid! You refuse to see light, reason, or reality! You despise the truth, and I, defending truth, despise you!
This will be your downfall.
I had it, in my heart and in my mind, to write. My fingers curled around the smooth, plastic of a pen. The words took form and shape in my head, squirming and screaming to be set free, to roam on the expanse of paper. The truth was ready to be exposed. And then came a lull in the music, a softness to the song, and a voice, your voice, shrilled in my ears.
To look for truth is to find truth. To write the truth is to set yourself free. I fear I shall never be free.
You do not hit with fists and you do not cut with swords, but Dear God, how you can strike us with your words. A glance can kill all resolve, a glare can sever bonds. Looks, indeed words, truly can kill.
You teach a man to speak and he will articulate your downfall.
You care naught for truth nor wisdom. You make gifts of minds, and then enchain them. You kill hope, pluck wings, and destroy all semblance of peace.
How can I feel mercy when you punish me for crimes I have yet to commit? If you give me that box, I will fill it. If you give me that label, I will conform to it.
You taught me how to lie.
I'll tell you want I'm thinking so you can shiver in defeat. I'll show you the truth so you can turn away blindly. I want to debate all our problems just to watch you stumble over your false promises and crumbling lies. This was your fault, all your fault.

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