The Tree of Life

January 9, 2010
By CodyRidenour PLATINUM, Dundee, Oregon
CodyRidenour PLATINUM, Dundee, Oregon
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The tree of life is strong,
It towers over the forest,
Its mighty branches soar over the land,
Thick strands of vine, leaves, and moss grow across its skin,
Creatures dwell in the shadows and branches,
Birds sing and fly in the thousands.
The tree of life grows deep,
The roots creep and dig deep into the soil,
They entangle the forest and entwine all things,
They feed from the earth and grow strong.
The tree of life loves and lives,
It gives life and home to creatures,
It lives in the mist, the rain and the sun,
It protects from the winds, the droughts and the peril of life.
However, the tree of life is dying,
Its roots of old, that grow so deep shrivel,
The large leaves, once lush and brimming with life are now brown, and dry,
The birds are dead, the creatures gone,
The world around the tree has fallen into silence.

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