The Blue Door

January 9, 2010
By CodyRidenour PLATINUM, Dundee, Oregon
CodyRidenour PLATINUM, Dundee, Oregon
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It watches you every moment you live.
It thinks about and decides every decision you have, or ever will make.
It plans your every move, your every twitch.
The blue door has lived for as long as humans have.
We are it, and it is us.
We are one.
The blue door should never be seen by our eyes.
If ever it is, our minds will break, and we will be deemed insane.
Where does this door lead?
Another world?
Another dimension?
Or perhaps, to ourselves?
Only the door knows.
Watch your back, watch your mind.
The blue door could be in anywhere, on the corner of your vision.
The door.
The blue door.

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