She Still Love You

January 8, 2010
By lilblonde103 SILVER, Farmingville, New York
lilblonde103 SILVER, Farmingville, New York
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How can u learn to love again?
If you never loved from the start
How can you run and leave
And break this poor young girl’s heart
So scared is she
As she sits in her room and cries
Every night she asks god why?
Why you left and where you’ve gone
Would life have been different, if you were here?
Would things have changed?
Would there be no need for her tears?
She holds no grudges
Yet she knows it’s wrong
For you to leave
But still she tries to be strong
Stories from her past come to haunt her again
In the middle of the night she cries on end
Her life is a place she only calls hell
Encaged is she like a prisoner in a cell
Trapped inside just wanting to yell
“Where have you gone, come back to me”
She wants to see you again
Still one thing stands in her way
The one she loved all along
The one who still hates you
For all the misery you put her through
The fights and the tears
The lies and the pain
Were they all for nothing?
Will she not see you again?
When you left was it the end?
This girl sits wonders
Why all the tears
Why couldn’t you have been here?
Though all the years
She dreams of you more and more each night
But soon she’ll no longer put up a fight
She wonders if life is really worth it all
I wonder the same thing as I watch her tears fall
If the ones we need most
Are the same ones that leave
How are we ever supposed to believe
That life is worth it despite the tears and the lies
That we should hold on or at least we should try
She is falling apart
She is losing her faith
Yet she stills wants to find you some way
If for nothing more than just to say
She still loves you
Despite all you put her through
She still loves you
And she always will.

The author's comments:
This was written about my friend whose dad left her.

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