The Strength Within

January 8, 2010
By lilblonde103 SILVER, Farmingville, New York
lilblonde103 SILVER, Farmingville, New York
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Swirling, growing, climbing
Ever higher, always higher
Reaching for the top,
Of something unreachable
To be the top, to be the best
To have the power, and the strength
To stand tall
“The sky’s the limit,” so they say
But the sky continues on and on
Never ending
So it reaches up

Colors swirl and dance within
The breeze plays tauntingly at it tips
Touching, feeling, playing
With something that has no control
Yet so much strength

Rooted to the ground
Forever staying strong,
As the coldness comes,
Reminds us, happiness lasts not long
The colors fade away
But its fearsome strength remains
It hangs onto all it can, as the

cruel breeze pushes strong
Knowing someday the color will return

While waiting for its colors
It grows up evermore
Growing, changing, living
Till the one day when the breeze comes

And it doesn’t budge at all
Till one day when the breeze comes

And it’s finally tall.

The author's comments:
This was a free writing piece i did for a class where i was inspired by a design of a tree on an idian painting. Somehow I went from writing about a tree to writing about rape i think... though i am still unsure myself. Let me know what you think

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