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January 8, 2010
We will never be good enough for you
because you don't believe that we can
be better than what you always thought.
We will give in before we will even try.
You hold for us no standards so how can we fail?
Winning every time
beccause there's no way to lose.
We will meet your skepticism;
we will prove you right
because there's no expectations
for our failing generation.
If we sleep around--
you are right.
If we are still chaste--
"just give it time," you say
as we walk away
learning that you have no expectations
for our failing generation.
We fall because we did not think
there was any trust to break.
If you do not believe in us
then how can we believe in ourselves?
We are a failing generation.
We need some inspiration
to get us moving onward and upward
to higher, better things.
But you just won't believe
so we feel that we don't need
to be anything like you.
While we are without your expectations
we will be a failing generation.

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